Who are we?


ASsociation pour la PROtection de la BIOdiversité et l’Adoption de Gestes Marqueurs


The association is born from an idea:

Everyone speaks about Biodiversity protection, sensibilisation to climate changes ; measures are carried out !!! However, There is a lot of tasks waiting to be carried out. Enough of us not really control damages, enough of us not involve ourselves.

Even more, we don’t understand the various terms being used to describe these concepts. However, we are all suffering silently.

ASPROBIO/AGM is there! We will inform evryone : from minors, from children right up to the elderly.

Moreover, you and us will adopt unforgettable practices !!!!

Yes, it is time !!!!!!!!!!!!

Every has already heard about climate change, biodiversity protection.

You don’t feel concerned about it, it doesn’t matter. Come to you out of curiosity, and certainly, you will stay by conviction.

You are not familiar with some concepts, we will make you aware of biodiversity importance, climate changes.

Theory alone is not sufficient, we all need practice.

Together, we will adopt sustainable acts, marker acts

Together, we will protect biodiversity,

Alone we will go faster, but together we will go further.

From here, or on another place: Africa, Europe, America, Oceania, Antarctic, Join us!!!!!!!!!!

If you don't trust about the project , it’s normal.

The work is so hard, it’s the reason why we need you, me, us.

Lead us in our actions to inform highest number, deal with all the innovative and useful ideas from you, me , us.

We need everyone : volunteers, adherents, benefactors, ............

Help us carry out our field surveys, launch awareness-raising programmes to combat climate changes, biodiversity destruction, realize all these projects that come to mind.

We are waiting for you.

See you soon !



Sabine Ndzengue Amoa - ASPROBIO AGM president